Pars Hospital History:

For more than four decades, Pars Hospital has been offering exceptional patient care. This private hospital located in Shiraz, was established by the late surgeon, Dr. Seyed Mahmoud Sadriyeh in 1971. The hospital originally started with only twenty-five beds and eventually the shares of this hospital were sold four years later. Furthermore, the hospital was then managed by a network and it continued to expand. As of currently, the hospital is up to forty-five patient beds and two new floors have been added bringing it to an extensive six floors.


Hospital Specialties:

   1- General Surgery

   2- Obstetrics and Gynecology

   3- Ophthalmology

   4- ENT

   5- Urology

   6- Orthopedics

   7- Plastic Surgery


Treatment Wards:

   1- Emergency: with 6 beds, 3 rooms and one outpatient surgery room and also CPR located on the ground floor

   2-  Obstetrics and Genecology and the Newborn Ward: with 24 beds and 10 rooms located on the first floor

   3-  Surgery ward: with 21 beds and 6 rooms located on the second floor

   4- Surgery Rooms: with 5 surgery rooms and recovery wards located on the third floor


Paraclinical Wards:

   5- Laboratory:  located on the ground floor

   All tests except pathology test are done in the laboratory.

   6-  Radiology and Sonography: located on the ground floor

   Performing all kinds of radiophotographs except colored radiophotographs

   7-  Pharmacy: located on the ground floor.


Unique Equipments:

The hospital has unique equipments such as the following:

   –  autoclave pre-vacuum

   –   4 meleg autoclaves

   –   Ligature  (to perform hysterectomy)

   –   2 suction devices for liposuction

   –   2 jet ventilation devices

   –   Legacy (Alcon (USA))

   –   Infiniti (Alcon(USA))

   –   Constellation (Alcon(USA)) – just two in the Middle East

   –   White Star (Amo (USA))