– Refer to the hospital the day before surgery for filing and tests.

– It is necessary to have I.D. Card, National I.D. Card, insurance book and next of kin companion when filing.

–¬† It is necessary to have all the related documents to the illness such as radiophotography, sonography and laboratorial results.

– Patient must not throw away his/her identity bracelet until the time of releasing from hospital.

– Visiting hours at Pars Hospital are from 03:00 to 05:00 p.m. (in some occasions a patient may be restricted to be visited at the discretion of the shift authority. So please cooperate)

РEntrance of the infants (under 12  years old) to the hospital is prohibited (even in visiting hours)

– Smoking is forbidden in all wards of the hospital.

– Infectious and non-infectious garbage cans have been separated at Pars Hospital. (infectious garbage in yellow cans and non-infectious in blue cans)

– Infectious garbage: all the garbage smeared with blood and patients’ discharges

– Non-infectious garbage: all ordinary garbage

– Do not bring any kind of natural flowers and flower pots for the patient.

– In case of any companion, both he/she and the patient must be of the same sex.

– Patients’ and babies’ exit from the ward is forbidden without permission of the shift authority.

– Have personal articles such as towel, toothbrush, and baby clothes with yourself.

– Observing Islamic regulations and standards are obligatory.

– Please inform the accountancy office for the patient’s companion meal in the morning.

– Have a shower and remove the hair of the area for the surgery the night before surgery.

– It is obligatory to remove any (removable dental, etc.) protheses (hearing aid, eyeglasses, etc.), if you have, before surgery.

– If you are insured, deliver your insurance book to the accountancy office.

– Do not wear any gold, jewelry, and metal objects on the day of surgery.

– Do not make up or have nail polish on the day of surgery.

– Patients’ possessions must be delivered to his/her accompanying person and if there is no accompanying person, they must be given to the person in charge of the ward.

– Men cannot enter to ladies ward after 7:00 p.m. (at other time of the day the entrance of the men to the ladies ward must be permitted by the person in charge of the ward.)

– Do not bring swaddling clothes, bottles, and nursing bottles.