Therapeutic Parts

Thanks for choosing pars hospital as therapeutic center .we would like to inform you that pars hospital makes every effort to offer high quality remedial services to all people using specialist and subspecialist experienced staffs with totally advanced equipment and facilities.

OB & GYN Ward

Obstetrics and gynecology section

Gynecology and Obstetrics Department Pars Hospital has over 38 years of experience in...

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Surgery Ward

Surgery Ward

The general surgery unit is located on the second floor of the Pars Hospital

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Operation Rooms

The operating room includes a person who is available in 4 rooms, a recovery room and a...

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Emergency ward

Emergency department of Pars Hospital located on the ground floor of the hospital and...

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Para Clinic Departments

Thanks to the choice of Pars Hospital as the center of treatment, Pars Hospital has always strived to provide the best quality kidney services with the most qualified medical personnel and highly qualified medical equipments and equipments. It has humans.


Laboratory Section

Description Of Pars Hospital Labrotary Departments

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Pars hospital imaging department with the most advanced equipments and devices and all...

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The Dr ... hospital's medical unit consists of two outpatient and inpatient departments.

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  • Official Departments
    • Chief Executive Officer
    • Support and Services
    • Medical Documents
    • IT & HIS
    • Central Telephone House
    • Nutrition and kitchen unit