Obstetrics and gynecology section

Obstetrics and gynecology section

Twenty four   beds , located in first floor ,including  ten  rooms .this part consists  of  maternity ,infants ,GYN, Postpartum and OB .with having LOR room and water birth implement , we are about to create a condition in which pregnant women are able to give birth in a calm place with all kind of aromatherapy ,music therapy and relaxation , so that this beautiful feeling and memory always remain  In their mind.

OB & GYN Ward

The aim in this center is to promote natural parturition with physiologic method.

Newborn ward are struggling to do their best for infants with experienced personnel.

And NICU trained. With having all kind of Phototherapy tunnel for bill infants we offer the best services for newborn.

OB & GYN Ward

Lactation training room:

In this section infant lactation service are offered for those having problem with it. Lactation training is offered  in films ,CDs , face to  face training and GYN section is to serve women all surgeries operation .Surgeries operation include (THA, D/C,APR )

IPD section is ready to offer services to international patients

This section is equipped with separate W.C dresser refrigerator compeer bed.

The intention to these services is attract patients’ reliance and promote patient satisfaction level.

The GYN section is dedicated to women in all women's surgical operations. Surgery including (TAH, Laparascopy, D / C, APR)

GYN 07

Head Of Department Dr. Farah Saeizadeh
Number of beds 24
Number of Staff 50
Number of Rooms 10
Phone Number 32308022
Location Secend Floor

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