Official Departments

Official Departments

Chief Executive Officer

The room responsible for the hospital's office is located in the ground floor of the hospital and is one of the most accessible units to all patients (inpatient and outpatient) and clients. Due to the constant and constant presence of the Chief Executive Officer and in line with the Client Honor System, it is difficult to find a client who is unable to answer questions, problems, and suggestions.

Internal phone number responsible for the hospital's office director 215-315

Support and Services

The room in charge of this unit is on the ground floor and on the corridor above the stairs and includes warehousing, logistics and service. Warehousing system includes general and specialized warehousing. The hospital service system is a central system improvement and all service personnel are under the direct supervision of the service unit and are controlled and subdivided from this unit. According to hospital cleanliness and hygiene clients, one of the cleanest centers in the hospital despite high traffic is the hospital.

Medical Documents

Medical records unit includes admission and admission Medical records include admission and hospitalization - discharge - medical records archive. The admission and discharge unit is located on the second floor of the hospital's office building and performs admission and discharge. In addition to the business relationship between these three units, the Insurance and Reception Unit has close links with the Revenue and Financial Unit.

Accounting Finance

The Finance Unit is on the ground floor and manages the expenses and revenues of the hospital. Due to the variety of contract parties and the outpatient units operating in the hospital, they are necessarily one of the busiest administrative units in the hospital.

Fortunately, the accuracy of this unit is unparalleled in computation, and the high degree of accuracy of this system and its operation under the direct supervision of the hospital's CEO has made it difficult for the system to operate during the hospital operation. Doctors pay in this unit on a monthly basis and insurance is delayed up to 4 months. The telephone number of this unit is 254.


Due to the use of state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment devices, hospital information software as well as advanced scheduling and accounting software, network and software experts are physically present at two shifts in the hospital and are required to address possible defects when necessary. The phones in this unit are 215.

Central Telephone House

This unit is located on the ground floor of the hospital next to the hospital's office and PR office, and 24 hours a day in addition to installing online accountability software (central operator), one person also provides direct accountability.

Nutrition and kitchen unit

The unit is on the ground floor and is responsible for preparing breakfast, lunch and dinner meals for patients and their companions and hospital staff. The unit is staffed by trained specialties in cooking and hotel management under the supervision of expert teachers and Also, under the supervision of a hospital nutritionist, they start cooking daily meals according to the monthly schedule. The hospital nutrition unit also provides counseling services to hospitalized patients, provides counseling to hospital nutrition and diabetes clinic clients and offers a diet plan.