Dr Ali Akbar Mohammad Shahi

Address: Qasr-e-Dasht No. 23 PARS Hospital

Dr Ali Akbar Mohammad Shahi was graduated as Doctor of Medicine in ... and accepted in specialty field of Anesthesiology and He got Medical Speciality Board Degree in ... from Shiraz University of Medical Sciences.

From that time He has been working full time in two hospitals and also an infertility center. He has more than 20 years experience in many anesthesia fields including Ophthalmology,OB & GYN,General Surgery,

Orthopedics,Cosmetic Surgery,Urology, Neurosurgery,Pediatric and Geriatric Anesthesia.

Fortunately during these years he didn’t has any mortality or uncompensated morbidity.

He attended in many International Congresses of Anesthesiology.

Medical Board of Anesthesiology