Improve quality

This unit has started its activity based on remedy assistance of  SHIRAZ university of medical science order under direct surveillance of hospital commander.

Improvement unit task description

Coordination and integration of quality improvement unit activities in hospital

Recognizing problems and current opportunities and codifying quality improvement programs

Codifying systems and hospital processes coinciding with designed improvement quality courses

Codifying dedicated functional indexes measurable accessible and temporal for hospital different processes

Continuous monitoring on quality improvement programs data proceeding and directorial interventions through indexes analysis

Surveillance on codifying documentaries relevant to national validation

Following up and coordinating validation standards demodulation in hospitals’ different wards and unit

Codifying annual operating program (coordinated and integral advancement of quality improvement program) and promoting patient safety along validation standard

Creating hospital danger general system management

Creating medical mistakes report system in hospital

Coordinating in accomplishing clinical medical profession in level of hospital’s different units and sections

Hospital operation assessment with approaching continuous quality improvement

 Holding hospital committee perseverance and obstructing approvals accomplishments


Purpose of PARS hospital

Providing therapeutic diagnostic specialty and subspecialty services in obstetrics and gynecology ophthalmology general surgery ENT urology orthopedics and plastic surgery using experienced staff with the highest quality level for patients in order to improve community health

PARS hospital values

Paying attention to patient as priority and the center’s most important customer

Paying attention to human resource as center’s most important resource

Belief in human identity and dignity

Paying attention to the quality and safety in center’s all process in order to increase center’s efficiency

Respecting fairness in center’s activities and programs

Paying attention to the religious issue and conformity plan

Providing appropriate equipment and technology to treat patients

PARS hospital outlook

This hospital is one of the best private medical and diagnostic centers in the south of country utilizing expert manpower and the world most up to date technologies by the end of 1400.