Improve quality


Describe the tasks of the quality improvement unit

  • Coordinate and integrate hospital quality improvement activities
  • Identifying current problems and opportunities and developing quality improvement plans
  • Developing hospital systems and processes in accordance with the principles of designed quality improvement
  • Developing specific, measurable, achievable, and timely important performance indicators for different hospital processes
  • Continuous monitoring of quality improvement plan, data, measures and interventions through indicators analysis
  • Oversee the compilation of national accreditation documentation
  • Follow up and coordinate the implementation of accreditation standards in different departments and units of the hospital
  • Developing an annual operational plan for coordinated and integrated advancement of quality improvement programs, enhancing patient safety in line with the accreditation model
  • Establish a comprehensive hospital risk management system
  • Establish a medical error reporting system in the hospital
  • Coordinate the implementation of clinical practice guidelines at unit level and in different hospital units
  • Evaluate hospital performance with a continuous quality improvement approach
  • Follow up on hospital committees and follow up on approvals

Mission of Pars Hospital

  • Providing specialized and specialized diagnostic services in the fields of gynecology, ophthalmology, general surgery, ENT, urology, orthopedics and plastic surgery using highly qualified human resources to improve community health.

Pars Hospital Values ​​

  • Paying attention to the patient as the centerpiece and most important customer of the organization
  • Emphasizing human resources as the most important resource of the organization
  • Belief in human identity and dignity
  • Pay attention to the discussion of quality and safety in all organizational processes to increase productivity in the organization
  • Observe the principle of justice in all activities and programs of the organization
  • Pay attention to religious issues and plan of conformity
  • Providing appropriate equipment and technology to treat patients

Perspective of Pars Hospital

  • One of the best private medical and diagnostic centers in the south of the country, utilizing the world's most advanced and state-of-the-art human resources by the end of 1400

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