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Pars Hospital History:

Pars Hospital is a private hospital in Shiraz that was established in 1350 with 25 beds operated by the late surgeon, Dr. Seyed Mahmoud Sadri.

In 1974, the hospital's shares were sold and managed as a group, and since 2000 the hospital has continued to operate with 60 beds and new beds, but due to lack of space, 60 beds have been reduced to 45 beds.

In the following years, two more floors were added to the hospital, and another six-story building permit is currently in place for the hospital.

Pars hospital

Patient's Guide

Guide to the Hospital floors

  • Ground Floor

    Information, Acceptance, Accounting, Management, Nursing Office, Events, Laboratory, Radiology, Pharmacy
    Chapel and archive (located in the yard, above the stairs),
    Kitchen, Landry

  • first floor

    maternity ward

  • second floor

    Surgery department

  • Third floor

    Operation Rooms