Therefore patient safety is a new healthcare system that emphasizes reporting, analyzing and preventing medical errors that often lead to unwanted errors.

So patient safety is the avoidance, prevention, and improvement of adverse outcomes or damage to the health care process, with safety, culture, quality, and management working together. The American Medical Association has six goals to improve the quality of health care systems, including patient safety, patient placement, effectiveness, efficiency, timeliness and fairness in service delivery. In this regard, Pars Hospital has taken more effective steps to ensure patient safety in its systems, and compliance with the following is mandatory in accordance with Canadian national and international accreditation.

Safety culture

  • Reporting unwanted errors
  • Communication
  • Patient identification
  • Dangerous Abbreviations
  • Drug incorporation as a strategic priority
  • . Medication integration at admission (acute care)
  • Medication integration at admission (outpatient care)
  • Medication on admission (primary care)
  • Safe surgical practices
  • Transfer patient information to transfer points
  • Medicinal use
  • Control of condensed electrolytes
  • Management of high risk drugs
  • Injection Pump Training
  • Working life
  • Preventive Maintenance Program
  • Patient Safety Training

Infection control

    • Antibiotic prophylaxis during surgery
    • Hand hygiene compliance
    • . Safe and safe injection practices

Risk Assessment

  • Crash Prevention Strategy
  • Bed Wound Prevention
  • Use of venous thromboembolism prophylaxis for patients exposed to venous thromboembolism